Marine cleansing gell

150g 3,990yen


Hyaluronic acid, a balsam pear extract, a ghetto leaf extract, Okinawa mozuku seaweed An extract, lavender oil, etc. are blended! Dirt is removed shapely, preparing the condition of skin. It is the oil + gell type cleansing cream gell of the scent of fresh lavender.

Marine natural gell

100ml 3,990yen


They are oceanic collagen, a soybean extract, a yeast extract, and natural moisturizing gell with the abundant minerals of seaweed extract combination. You can use also as the pack which is not flushed or moisturing gell.

Marine lotion

180ml 3,990yen


It is full combination about vegetable purasenchi (an aloe, chlorella, kakkon extract), a balsam pear extract, and hyaluronic acid. Restoration of the cell over which it mourned adapts itself to skin quickly. It is safe also to the weak direction and baby of skin.

Marine soap

100g 1,575yen


The salt with abundant minerals made from deep sea water was cooked thoroughly, and was raised with the traditional process (the saponifying method). Highest-class additive-free soap which blended lavender oil with soap foundation and which is not until now. the tightening effect, and a bactericidal action and an antibacterial action occur -- a pimple -- it is a recommendation also to skin.

KM marine essence cream

30ml 6,090yen


It is an essence of the concentration type which blended sumptuously licorice flavonoid, oceanic collagen, a balsam pear extract, wheat germ oil, and a yeast extract.
The skin to worry is consoled.

KM マリンシャンプープラス
KM marine shampoo plus

300ml  3,360yen


14 kinds of natural origin moisture extracts giving grace to hair, the coconut oil origin with high biodegradability dresses up, and a warm bubble wraps in hair and a scalp gently and cleans them up.

KM コンディショナープラス
KM conditioner plus

300ml  3,360yen


22 kinds of natural origin moisture extracts are blended sumptuously.
"Hydrolysis wheat protein" permeates to the back of hair or a scalp, and it leads to hair with Hari Kosi.